CHATS-AS 2015 was the workshop #11 in the series.

The CHATS on Applied Superconductivity Workshop was organized by the University of Bologna (Bologna, Italy) and held at the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering on 14-16th September 2015.

The Workshop was the eleventh in a series started in 1993. The initial scope of the CHATS-AS Workshops was to reach convergence in the scientific community in the simulation of thermo-hydraulic transients in Cable in Conduit Conductors for fusion magnets. Since then, the topics of interest of the Workshop expanded to encompass a broad range of applications of superconducting materials.

The CHATS-AS 2015 followed the advancements in the state-of-the-art of modeling of superconducting systems for a broad range of applications, from magnet technology (including fusion and high energy physics) to power applications for generation and transmission devices. The 53 participants presented a total of 30 oral contributions on Thermo-hydraulics and cryogenics (Session 1), LTS quench (Session 2), HTS quench (Session 3), HTS Electromagnetics (Session 4), Design methods and Mechanics (Session 5).

As fallout of the CHATS-AS Workshop series, the original idea discussed at CHATS-AS 2011 at CERN to spread the knowledge and experience of this very active scientific community to young scientists has finally taken shape. In close interaction with the International Organizing Committee of the HTS Modeling Workshop, and with the outstanding support of ESAS and IEEE Council on Superconductivity, the first "International School on Numerical Modeling for Applied Superconductivity" was successfully organized at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, in June 2016.

Freely quoted from M. Breschi and B. Baudouy, "CHATS-AS 2015 Editorial", Cryogenics 80, 251, (2016)

  • Venue: Bologna, Italy, 14 - 16 September 2015
  • Host Institution: Bologna University
  • Chairperson: M. Breschi
  • Participants: 53
  • Contributions: 30
  • Proceedings: Cryogenics 80(3) (2016)
  • Guest Editor: Marco Breschi and Bertrand Baudouy
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