CHATS-AS 2013 was the workshop #10 in the series. The workshop focused largely on the application of models (refined or new) to predictive analysis. Several large systems such as ITER, EAST, LHC have been considered. In particular LHC being on-line already, provide the necessary data against which the models can be compared. Smaller but equally important experiments, such as HELIOS, are also used to benchmark models. New models are focused onto maintaining the same level of accuracy of existing models by drastically reducing the computational time.

Several contributions focused on simulations and experiments of quench propagation and protection in superconducting magnets highlighting the progress of the past few years but also the opportunities of refinement for the existing modeling tools. Challenges associated with properties to be used in the model and the different scenarios to be considered for a particular system are the types of challenges that this community is looking forward to addressing and solving. A large portion of the contributions discussed issues of modeling for electromagnetic (AC losses, magnetization, field harmonics and numerical codes for magnetic field computations) and electromechanical behaviors of high temperature conductors, which are seen as the future conductors for large current and field systems. In this respect, CHATS-AS keeps up the pace with the community and continues its effort to provide solid modeling tools for existing, near future and long-term large systems.

The workshop has shown once again the continuous interest in multi-physics models, and attention to advances in computational physics with the conscious effort of maintaining simplicity in the overall approach.

Freely quoted from L. Chiesa and B. Baudouy, "CHATS-AS 2013 Editorial", Cryogenics 63, 219, (2014)

  • Venue: Cambridge MA, USA, 9 - 11 October 2013
  • Host Institution: Tufts University
  • Chairperson: L. Chiesa
  • Participants: 38
  • Contributions: 25
  • Proceedings: Cryogenics 63 (2014)
  • Guest Editor: Luisa Chiesa and Bertrand Baudouy
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