CHATS-AS 2011 was the workshop #9 in the series. The workshop was held in the stimulating environment of CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The contributions covered on:
  • Heat Transfer (Session 1),
  • Stability and Quench (Session 2),
  • Electromagnetic Models and Methods (Session 3), and
  • System Analysis and Multi-physics (Session 4),
both for LTS and HTS materials. Attention was devoted by the participants to the application of both existing and new models to predictive analysis, and interpretation of thermo-hydraulics data in large cooling systems, such as the one recently brought into operation at the LHC. Complex models and large codes can give very detailed analysis capability, but control and operation of large-scale installations largely profits from a simplified approach, often purely analytical, capable of capturing the main physical features of the system. This is an interesting result of the discussion at the workshop, especially in light of the work on thermo-hydraulics that is in progress for the design and preparation for operation of the ITER experiment.
  • Venue: Geneva, Switzerland, 12-14 October 2011
  • Host Institution: CERN
  • Chairman: Luca Bottura
  • Participants: 57 (28 Institutions)
  • Contributions: 28 + 1 invited
  • Proceedings: Cryogenics 53, 1 (2013)
  • Guest Editors: Luca Bottura and Claudio Marinucci
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