CHATS-AS 2008 was the workshop #8 in the series.
  • In the natural, green and open-minded environment of the KEK campus in Tsukuba, Japan, the small-scale CHATS-AS workshop, with its enthusiastic participants and informal character of the discussions confirmed to be a pleasant and effective way of sharing knowledge and experience.
  • The session for the fusion applications started with an invited talk of the role of superconductor modeling in ITER and 11 presentations followed. Thermal-hydraulic modeling was presented for a tool to simulate ITER coil operation. Modeling of Nb3Sn CICC performance degradation due to strand bending and inter-filament current transfer was presented. A coil designer noted no useful AC loss model yet available. In other words, other modeling may be developed to the useful level to design fusion coils.
  • In the session for the accelerator applications, five presentations were made. The session was opened with the invited presentation about the Nb3Sn magnet development for future accelerator application. Other presentations were mostly devoted for the modeling and/or experiment on the thermo-hydraulic and electro-magnetic phenomena such as quench or stability for LTS.
  • On HTS, seven presentations were made. This number of presentations shows an increasing attention on stability (normal transition) of HTS. The session covered from basic phenomena in quench of HTS to fundamental but application-oriented issues.
  • Venue: Tsukuba, Japan, 29 October-1 November 2008
  • Host Institutions: Kyoto University, Yokohama National University, Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), and High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
  • Chairman: Naoyuki Amemiya
  • Participants: 34 (Korea 2, Europe 12, Japan 13, and USA 7)
  • Contributions: 19 + 2 invited talk
  • Publication: Cryogenics 50, 3 (2010)
  • Guest Editor: Takaaki Isono and Toru Ogitsu
  • Presentations: not available
  • Home page: none
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