CHATS on Applied Superconductivity 2006 was the workshop #7 in the series (and the first with the suprafix -AS).
  • CHATS-AS 2006 provided a small forum of scientists and engineers an ongoing opportunity to discuss and advance the science of simulations and modeling specifically applied to superconducting magnets.
  • By bridging the gaps among different fields of applied superconductivity, CHATS-AS 2006 has contributed to the development and refinement of models used to study the stability of superconductors, simulate quench propagation, and perform structural analysis of superconducting magnets. Likewise, modeling has facilitated the interpretation of experimental data, at the same time providing a support for the design of magnet systems.
  • Of special interest were new developments in multi-physics models (thermo-hydraulic, electrodynamics, and mechanical) used for analysis and design of superconducting devices, and the validation and optimization of said models through experimental measurements performed under operational conditions.
  • The dramatically different solutions adopted to address different technical needs and risks of High Energy Physics and Fusion were addressed in the workshop.
  • Venue: Berkeley CA, USA, 5-7 September 2006
  • Host Institution: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Chairman: Shlomo Caspi
  • Participants: 34 (24 Institutions)
  • Contributions: 21 + 1 invited talk
  • Proceedings: Cryogenics 47, 11-12 (2007)
  • Guest Editor: Shlomo Caspi, Paolo Ferracin and Soren Prestemon
  • Presentations: not available
  • Home page: none
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