CHATS 2005

CHATS 2005 was the workshop # 6 in the series.

  • Although the contribution from the field of HTS was only modestly represented, the earlier opening to cable electromagnetics and now also to mechanics appeared fruitful. It is recognized more broadly now that the change in the voltage-current characteristics, in going from single strands to cables and magnets, requires an integrated multi-physics modeling of the dependence on the operating conditions of temperature, field, current and strain.
  • In the discussions and in some of the papers it appeared that there are still many open questions in dual channel CICC's. There is a need to review the status of experimental data on input parameters versus model input needs, e.g., for a solid understanding of helium heat transfer correlations in complex geometries.
  • Predictive (rather than a-posteriori) simulations would be welcomed for upcoming CICC-based projects and other applications as power cables, accelerators etc. for critical evaluation.
  • From the enthusiastic responses of many participants is may be concluded that such informal workshop, bringing together a small group of experts with plenty of time for discussion, is a pleasant and effective way of sharing knowledge and experience.
  • Venue: Enschede, The Netherlands, 26-28 June 2005
  • Host Institution: University of Twente
  • Chairman: Herman ten Kate
  • Participants: 31 (China 1, Europe 28, Japan 1, USA 1)
  • Contributions: 19
  • Proceedings: Cryogenics 46, 7-8 (2006)
  • Guest Editors: Arend Nijhuis and Herman ten Kate
  • Presentations: not available
  • Home page: none
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