CHATS 1997

CHATS 1997 was the workshop # 3 in the series.
  • It featured three main themes: a) computer simulation of thermo-hydraulic transiens as applied to superconductor stability, magnet quench protection, and cryogenic system design; b) condensing past experience (both computational and experimental) into "design rules"; and c) advance our understanding of how current redistribution in cables affects stability, quench propagation and AC losses.
  • CHATS-97 identified topics where more work is needed:
    • continue experimental data gathering to understand stability and quench in CICC magnets, and extend the experimental database to long coils,
    • extend models to include electrodynamic effects, in particular the aspect of current redistribution in cables,
    • continue to improve our understanding and design criteria through incorporation of lessons learned in "practice", and
    • extend the design methods developed to date for LTS material to HTS magnets and devices.
  • Venue: San Francisco, USA, 23-25 July 1997
  • Host Institution: Bechtel
  • Chairman: Cesar Luongo
  • Participants: 35 (Europe 18, Japan 3, USA 14)
  • Contributions: 12
  • Proceedings: Cryogenics 38, 5 (1998)
  • Guest Editor: Cesar Luongo
  • Presentations: not available
  • Home page: none
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