CHATS 1995

CHATS 1995 was the second in a series of workshops intended to advance the state-of-the-art in numerical computation of thermo-hydraulic transients as applied to the design of superconducting magnets and devices. This workshop was also the first with the name "CHATS" (Computation of tHermo-hydrAulic Transients in Superconductors).
  • Originally planned as a communication forum of specialists involved in the design of fusion reactor magnets (ITER), broader interest quickly became evident and the subject was widened to cover problems realted to other application areas, i.e. energy storage and accelerators.
  • Major needs were identified in the final discussion:
    • definition of benchmark cases,
    • review of critcal input scenarios,
    • refinement of dual flow channel in CICC,
    • further investigation of current distribution and transversal heat conduction in winding in CICC,
    • investigation of more realistic hydraulic boundary conditions,
    • investigation of cryogenic plant response to expected transients.
  • Venue: Lausanne, Switzerland, 6-8 June 1995
  • Host Institution: EPFL-CRPP
  • Chairman: George Vecsey
  • Participants: 24 (Europe 19, Japan 1, USA 4)
  • Contributions: 16
  • Proceedings: Journal of Fusion Energy 14, 1 (1995)
  • Guest Editor: E. A. Chaniotakis
  • Presentations: not available
  • Home page: none
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