Scope of CHATS-AS

CHATS-AS is an ongoing series of Workshops that has run every 2-3 years from 1993.

Created as a small forum of discussion to advance the art and science of simulation and modeling - in particular thermo-hydraulics - in support of superconducting magnet design programs, the workshop has evolved and expanded its scope to encompass all aspects of superconducting system modeling, with special emphasis on bringing together modelers and experimentalists.

By bridging this gap, CHATS-AS has contributed to the development and refinement of models used in the analysis of stability and quench in superconductors. Likewise, modeling has been brought to both interpret experimental data, or to design experimental campaigns in support of magnet system design.

The fruitful interaction between the experimental and modeling approaches has resulted in the advancement of our understanding of different fundamental phenomena, independent of application. As such, CHATS-AS has brought together researchers from many different applied superconductivity communities: HEP, fusion, power applications, etc.

The workshop is open to both LTS and HTS applications, with a special interest in extending the LTS experience in modeling superconducting devices to the realm of HTS applications. Of special interest is the development of new multi-physics models (thermo-hydraulic, electrodynamics, and mechanical) for the analysis and design of superconducting devices, and the validation and refinement of said models through experimentation and magnet operational experience.

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